Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Second Careers for Caregivers...easier than you think

At some point caregiving ends. Its not a nice thought, but if you have been taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s for more than a couple of years, then you are probably very “reality based”. The shine has come off of the gung-ho and the relentlessness of the illness has convinced you.
But you know all to well caregiving does end.
And when it does you may want to pick up your life and get back in the swing of things. In fact you may actually be very eager to return to the workplace.
Perhaps you want to do something completely new and different. But what? you ask yourself.
Take a look at And even though I personally have not used them…I met the founder years ago on a spiritual retreat. Don Coyhis. No spring chicken himself, he has spent a lifetime helping people. I met Don Coyhis at a retreat in Santa Barbara, and fell in love with his unique blend of Western and Native American spiritual systems. Yes, Don is a Native American. I enjoyed Don so much that I took job in Colorado Springs to be near him and another dear friend, Don Pruit. I jokingly called myself “the lesser of 3 Dons” whenever we got together. When I left Colorado Springs a few months later, I lost touch with Don. Surprisingly I stumbled across his organization while doing some research tonight. And I can tell you there is nobody like him, and I have no doubts that his organization will be reflective of that easy going, motivational and practical personality.
I predict that in the next decade, as us Boomers start “filling up the Stadium” Don’s little non-profit organization will be getting a lot of attention. So I want you to know about it now. If you are looking to do something different, or if you have been out of action because of caregiving responsibilities, take a look at aka Encore Careers.
Good Luck, Donahue
p.s. for the record – I am NOT getting paid to promote Don, or his organization. Truth is, they don’t even know I am recommending them and I like it that way…

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