Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Vistas for Alzheimer's Care: Caring for the Caregiver


Caregiver Coaching is a more versatile way to provide Care Management.  Traditional Care Management is limited to the care and supervision of your older family member who is incapacitated.  Typical uses of Care Management are:
  • Facilitating medical appointments, conversations with medical professionals, interpreting and explaining doctor’s orders and recommending other medical interventions and treatments.
  • Hiring and supervising private caregivers for your family member, knowing what level of training a caregiver should have based on the current care needs, and saving you money by structuring caregiver schedules.
  • When placement is needed, care managers will find the best community for your loved one so that their needs, both physical and social are going to be best met. Negotiating the price, they can also provide follow up supervision to mediate between the family and the facility when complaints or concerns are expressed. (ask your friends who have their parent in home how valuable that is)
  • Care managers can save you a lot of money when there is a significant amount of savings/pension/stocks and bonds that you do not want to lose paying for care and treatment that the government gives to other people. They know the best elder-law attorneys and investment counselors. Even if the only asset is a home, care management is a wise investment.
  • And all the other services and needs listed above in the description of the assessment.
My caregiver coaching provides all that, plus I am always tempering my recommendations with you, the caregiver in mind. Your well-being, financial, physical, and emotional are paramount and embedded in all of my actions and recommendations.  Caregivers, often working alone struggle with the day-to-day decline and difficulties of the care of their loved one.  With a Coach, you will never be forgotten or fade into the background.

Before you were a caregiver you had plans and dreams and goals. They need to stay on the front burner, and a Coach knows how to do it.  You should not have to wait years to start living your life again.  You will be nurtured and you receive concierge like guidance to make caregiving as easy and painless as possible.

Better yet, you don’t have to be rich to get this service.  You can get private caregiver coaching with as little as a couple of hours per week.
Imagine, you have had another rough night with your Alzheimer’s suffering Mom or Dad (or even spouse in many cases), your phone rings and there is your personal Coach who is concerned for YOU, and who can listen to what you are going through, and then give you the perfect solution that had been eluding you?

Imagine your loved one has declined again, and now there is a new behavior or problem that you are not familiar with: incontinence, wandering, abusiveness, etc.  Why wait for doctors appointment, that in all likelihood will only get you a medication change, or wait for a support group meeting that is 2 weeks away.  Thirty minutes on the phone with your Coach may be all that you need to get a solution or tool that will address the issues.

When you invest in coaching you are actually saving money and maximizing your health care expenses.  For rates please check here:

Caregiver Coaching Rates

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  1. Caregiver coaching sounds like a great way to get green-horns comfortable and acquainted with their duties. Much like an apprentice, coached caregivers can learn while on the job and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals, like yourself. I am sure your caregiver coaching service will be very helpful for those pursuing a career as a caregiver, as well as for people who look after a family member.


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