Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cool Websites To Speed Your Learning Curve Along

Everything That Makes Your Life Easier

Ever go to the doctor, and get a bunch of mumbo jumbo? You are hoping for a simple explanation, but it's like they are getting paid by the syllable?

On the other hand you may have the best family physician, Would help if you could follow his or her descriptions better?

Or have you ever gotten a medical report and had some medical terms or conditions on that you were not sure exactly what it meant?

Here is a super simple tutorial on medical terms:
"Understanding Medical Words
This is brought to you by the NIH National Institutes of Health and its F.R.E.E. and no sales pitch.


We talk a lot about the dangers of stress. It's practically my mission in life to get caregivers to de-stress their life. Well Medline Plus does it better than I. Here is an excellent tutorial from It's even narrated:"Patient Education Institute"


Better yet, here are about 50 separate videos from the NIH Senior Health people on a variety of topics from Alzheimer's to Osteoarthritis The NIH: Video List

You will find a wide variety of conditions here: Dry Mouth, Prostrate Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Disease and much more.


How often have you thought about making a Will or a Living Will but were put off by the complexity of it, having to find a lawyer, etc.? Here is a super simple website:
As seen on CNN, MSNBC and USA Today


Disabled Adaptive Clothing: Alzheimers, Arhritius, Parkeinson's. Even Shoes!


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