Friday, July 16, 2010

Assisted Living: taking my own advice

A PLACE FOR MOM is a national referral agency. As an executive director of a large assisted living, I am contracted with about a dozen different agencies like this one.

My dad, who is on a limited budget and cannot afford to live in my building (how's that for irony), was begging me to help him find a new place where the weather is not so hot. He has a sister in Central California, but I did not know anything about communities that far away. So I contacted A Place For Mom as a client, and the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak. I cannot tell you how pleasant the experience was! I did nothing special, I just went on the website, and followed the prompts, and answered the questions.

A very nice counselor called and emailed me, she was not pushy, she listened carefully, and on Wednesday I took my dad to the train station to go see the places that were recommended. My dad returned on Friday, and reported a wonderful experience.
Whether he moves or not is a story that remains to be seen. But I have to share with you that I can with confidence refer you to A Place For Mom

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