Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Don't Life style Changes Work?

The most popular program right not is the Longevity Now Program by David Wolfe and I wrote this article about it:
“Longevity Now is a rip off” That’s what people will say that buy the program but never take action. Which is true of many self-help programs in the world. People buy these products and programs and then find them too hard to follow. Or they start out like gang-busters, but peter out after a few weeks. It’s human nature, but it doesn’t have to be you!

Basic human psychology: if your life depends on it, you are more likely to take action then if it is just a good idea to look or feel better. Speaking for myself, I know that I need a sense of urgency to make the slightest change in my life style. And if you are like me, I am going to give you the same sense of urgency to in a few minutes…

First, I promised in the last post to talk about human electrical grounding. Which is something that is covered in the materials that you will receive when you sign up for David Wolfe’s program. The quick and dirty explanation: The Earth is a ‘grounding’ body, it dissipates electrical charges. Think of lightening, think of your house’s electricity. A million volts of electricity can move through any conductive object (a pole, a tree, a person), but when it comes in contact with the Earth it is rendered harmless.

What do you know about ‘free radicals’? We take anti-oxidant vitamins to neutralize free radicals in our body. Free radicals are the extra electron that is thrown off when our bodies convert food for use by our cells. Those free radicals are like little electrically charged bullets that bounce around at the molecular level in our bodies until they find another cellular molecule to attach to, and therefore change from ‘charged’ to ‘neutral’.

Free radical theory is one of only two scientifically ‘proven’ and accepted theories of aging. Over time (the years of our lives), these free-radicals cause minute damage to our cells, and eventually affect their ability to effectively duplicate and either die off, or create a mutated version the cell. (I said this was going to be quick and dirty, lol). Ok, quick and dirty: The reason you are taking anti-oxidants is they neutralize more free radicals and slow the decline and decay of bodies and potentially prevent bad mutation like cancer cells.

Now, do you think it would help the process if we were to occasionally ground our bodies to the earth? But when, we live in little boxes, we put on rubber soled shoes, we ride in cars with rubber wheels to other little boxes to visit friends or go to work. How often do we touch the Earth with any part of our anatomy? That’s grounding technology. We need more contact with the Earth. The one research article that I read on this subject was very conclusive that people that were regularly grounded reported better health, better sleep, less pain, and more energy. I will post some of it next time.

Now about the rip-off stuff. Understanding that people have trouble with lifestyle changes, David Wolfe addresses it in the program. He is very supportive, encouraging you to start new habits by reminding you that you already have many habits that you learned and are already following, like brushing your teeth. And like brushing you teeth, a habit becomes second nature after a while. But I promised to help you by giving you a sense of urgency. This is the same one that motivated me to start doing healthy things: AGING. How old are you? Have you been telling yourself on and off for decades that when you get a little older you will start making those big changes. But right now, you are a little too busy? I did. I did it when I turned 40, and again when I turned 45, and again at 50. Granted on some of those “resolutions” I did some of the stuff. I did the easy stuff. For me the easy stuff was to go to the gym. The super hard stuff was to change my diet. It may be the opposite for you. But look, its time. Stop screwing around! Nobody can see you reading this, I don’t know who you are. But you do, you know what you need to do, you know what you’ve been telling yourself for years. It is time.

If not this program another. But you can’t put it off any more. Do you ever read about people that beat Cancer? They got cancer, and then they did a massive life-style change, and with tons of will power they beat the odds. Do you think you have the same will-power? Honestly? What if those people made the life style change before they got sick? It would have been a lot easier, right? In fact, if they did it soon enough, chances are they would never have gotten the cancer at all. I can tell you this, slowing down the aging process is very doable. You can start it right now. But reversing the aging process, now that is another story, and much harder to do, if not impossible.

Here’s a video about the program. Watch it…it doesn’t bite. lol. Judge for yourself. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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