Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your Immune System is Under Attack and Not Just From Stress

Holy cow! I wasn't talking much about this because I didn't think natural foods and healthy diets were as important to others, as they were to me. And even I was not being too good about my diet. Saving grace: I did however, hear about a new program launching called Longevity Now and was a little curious. (Don't worry, this is not turning into a sales pitch...)

Well, it launched today, and I just watched just one short video that changed everything that I thought I knew about health. And I am gerontologist, with more than a small amount of training in the area of nutrition. I am humbled. To be quite honest I am scared too. Because at my age (early 50s), I see a lot of my fellow Baby Boomers falling to illness and worse. And I hope that what I started to learn today from this program is not too late. Seriously, this is not hype, I am being deeply honest right now.

Here is a link to the first video from David Wolfe, and it's NOT by any means a sales pitch www.longevitynowprogram.com/immunitynow well the last 30-seconds might be, but if you're deathly afraid you might buy something, just stop at the 23 minute mark. But in this video he gives away enough solid information to send you running to the health food store to get just a couple of key herbals that can supercharge your immune system. Frankly, I was surprised that these items were not even on my radar, and quite honestly if he would have started talking about anti-oxidants, or garlic, or pH balancing, I would have switched it right off. But he hit me square between the eyes with irrefutable concepts that made this jaded ole Gerontologist smile.

If you are a caregiver, you are living knee deep in stress and that alone is debilitating to your health. And you know that I am a strong advocate for stress management through meditation and guided imagery. But today I learned that I am only halting damage with my stress management techniques, I have stopped the neurochemical tearing apart of my immune system in order for it to rebuild itself. But what I learned from this program, is how to help it rapidly heal itself.

Please do this, check out the video for yourself, if it's malarkey turn it off half way through, you will have wasted less than 15 minutes of your time. But if it makes sense to you, use what you learn. Here is the link: Longevity Now Program

And please, I really want to know what you think of it. Believe me, your comments (either way) will help others. If its garbage, tell me I will post it to give fair warning to all, but if it rocks, that too will help people decide.

Thanks, Donahue

Wait! I just tested the link and there is a minor problem, if you have never been to his site before (and I assume you haven't) then before you get to see the video I mentioned, you have to give your email address to them - and there is a short 15 second video. Please DO NOT MISTAKE IT for the longer content rich video I am talking about. (you will think I am crazy, lol). And please don't worry about giving your email, I have never been spammed by him, and you can always opt-out at the bottom of every email from him.

(p.s. caregivers: how would you like to go on a cruise and be able to bring your loved one, and get help during the trip so you can enjoy yourself? Talk to me)

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