Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Introduction continued

If you are a caregiver you know it. A caregiver is someone who provides care and assistance to another person, usually a parent or a spouse, who is incapacitated either physically, mentally or both. Currently, the largest group of caregivers in the country are daughters and/or wives who are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.
Regardless of the relationship, gender, or the illness, the personal stress and suffering of adult caregivers are remarkably similar. Unfortunately while most caregivers are aware that they are under a lot of pressure, they don’t truly realize the precarious position that they are in. Stress is arguable the number one killer in the country. Prolonged stress can lead to dozens of serious conditions. Statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association report that half of all caregivers pass away before the person they are caring for.
Even though no one can take care of your loved one as well as you can, you also need to take care of yourself. If you, as a caregiver become incapacitated or seriously ill who will step in and provide your loved one’s care as well as you do? No one? Then you need help and support now to improve the chances that you will always be there.
However, at this point in time you may not know how to juggle all your different responsibilities and get the support you need to provide the best care possible, and still have a life. That’s where we comes in. I will be posting a website soon "". It will be mostly an informative site. However, I was recently commissioned by the Los Angeles Area on Agency and Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center to produce a stress managment CD specifically for caregiver, and a retail version of that CD will be available on the site as well.
Our primary goal with is to provide caregivers like yourself with the resources to meet your emotional, physical and spiritual needs as well as those of your loved one. We want to help you to regain your life and peace of mind.
Our Mission is:
To provide practical answers and guidance.
To offer solutions in the face of seemingly desperate circumstances.
To bring hope and relief to strained and frazzled caregivers.

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