Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Long Distance Caregiving Just Got a Lot Easier

As hard as it is to a caregiver providing direct care day in and day out, in some ways it's even harder being a long-distance caregiver.

When your parent(s) live far away, and you can't be there on a moments notice - you worry. You never know from visit to visit how much has changed, or what new problems have developed.

Is mom eating right, is dad getting to his doctor visits, how serious is it really when mom says she fell down, but she's ok?

I have heard the horror stories: the daughter who gets called by the neighbors and shows up to find that mom and dad have dementia and they are about to lose the house because they didn't pay the taxes, or that mom fell in the kitchen, broke a hip and lay there for 36 hours until someone came to check on her when she didn't answer the phone for 3 days.

But sometimes it is as simple as - they let the house run down and its been neglected for years. Usually older parents that are having a hard time taking care of themselves, have already stopped taking care of their home. The yard is overgrown, the house paint looks like something from the "Dust Bowl" era and furniture is falling apart.

Fortunately there are more and more businesses being created that can help caregivers with this stuff. In my newsletter I have been listing these little cottage industries to help caregivers cope. However, I have recently decided to open things up and start posting this information for everyone to see whenever they want. Check out It's just starting, but in a few weeks (or months) you will be able to go there and find just about anything you need. One of the first things I want to bring you is this great service that I just unearthed that can help you tremendously. Its called Angies List, and they are amazing!

If you are a long distance caregiver, Angies List is a Godsend, because you can hire them to do just about anything. Even their banner says "From Electrician to Physician". So whether you want to get your parent to new dentist or get their home ready for market and everything in between, you can call these guys toll free at 1 (866) 945-3194 and you will speak to someone that can find exactly what you want.

Thats right, you don't even need a computer, just give em call.

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