Friday, October 3, 2008

Where have I been???

Sorry to all, I have been neglecting this blog. I have a reason that I will tell you in a moment. But first I want to share something with you:
This blog has allowed me to dispense very important and useful information to many people.
For the past 10 years, I have been meeting families, one at a time, usually in a crisis and found myself saying basically the same things. It always bothered me that by the time I met these families they had been suffering or struggling for a long time. If there was only some way I could find a larger forum to disseminate information that would save people a lot of time and needless angst? So I was thrilled when I learned how to blog and finally found my forum.
The response has been great, and I appreciate all of the comments that people have sent me, telling me that my information has helped them. That is my goal. I have seen too many really nice wonderful people at the end of their rope. These caregivers are amazing people, doing incredible things at great personal sacrifice for people they love.
So where have I been? I am in the final stages of building a website. This website is going to be an extensive and detailed site that will provide tons of information for caregivers. This site is specifically designed and geared for caregivers that are struggling to negotiate the maze of services, agencies, products and programs that can help them take care of their loved one. The vast majority of caregivers are taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s and so the site will lean a little towards their situation. But there will be much for all caregivers regardless of the circumstances that place them in that role. What is important is that the site will give away this information. Hopefully, information that you can use right now, to improve your situation.
There are plenty of businesses and people trying to make a buck off of caregivers, and they often slant their information towards their own product or service. My site will be unbiased. It will be educational. And it will serve both new caregivers that are just starting out on their journey and for the veteran caregiver as well. Yes, at some point there will be products and services that will be available for purchase from my site. But because information is crucial, the readers will have the information to make informed choices and decisions.
The blogging will continue and there will also be a newsletter with as much vital information I can find to share with you. But it won’t be shoved down your throat. There will also be videos to watch, and links to other helpful sites.
If you go there right now you will only see a picture of my CD and how to order it. That is just there for the time being. But if you want to get in on the grand opening of my site, if you want to be informed when the site goes up. You can do a couple of things: you can sign up for my blog (look on the right had side of the screen for how to that), or you can send a comment to me through this blog right here, give me your email address and I will send you a personal email when the site goes live. So I hope to see you there at very soon.
By the way, I am writing this blog all in one take, and throwing it up, so if there are any typos or mistakes please forgive me. Thanks for reading…Donahue

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  1. Congrats on getting your website up and running. It's a huge job! If you have a spare moment, I invite you to come and see my current blogpost,"The Caregiver's Promise." Keep up the good work, Donahue...


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